First: Differences in the concept of esthetics that I studied in Britain

The status of estheticians is established in Western countries. There is even a country where esthetic expenses are recognized as medical expenses, unlike in Japan.
In 2000, I went to an esthetic college in Britain to acquire the skills and knowledge prevalent in Europe, the mecca of esthetics.
There I entered the course for acquiring CIDESCO.
Britain has an official national licensing program for estheticians such as ITEC and CIBTAC. The minimum requirement for an esthetician to work in Britain is to hold one of such national licenses.

The word "esthetics" itself is widely used in Japan as well. But the word seems to carry no substantial meaning.
In fact, Japan has no laws that define the range of a profession engaged in anything like "esthetics", nor is there any official license for that.
For these reasons, some industrial organizations have established certain accreditation programs to enhance the recognition of estheticians in society and enhance their status.
Regrettably, however, none of these programs has reached a sufficiently high level. We need an official licensing program to encourage estheticians to acquire proper theories and skills, while maintaining the specified levels of competence.
I would say that what is necessary for all personnel engaged in esthetics in Japan today is nothing but enjoying a dignified status just like in Western countries and increasing their respective levels of awareness.

One cannot deny that esthetics has now become indispensable for people wishing to "become pretty, become beautiful, and be healed."
For this domain to develop even further and solve the troubles afflicting a wide range of people, the first thing that I would wish estheticians to do is to perform their work with a measure of pride and confidence.
I also hope that they will some day come to enjoy a well-established status just like in Britain, where I studied.

Mai Murayama
Managing Director, International Society of Coordination for Health and Beauty

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