The ISCOHB provides the public with information on health and beauty, and engages in various activities to assist in heath enhancement. In so doing, the ISCOHB increases public awareness of the need to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses and to maintain and manage healthy beauty in an attempt to help nurture a society where everyone can live in a healthy, beautiful manner with peace of mind.

Main Activities of the ISCOHB

The ISCOHB engages in the following activities to fulfill the abovementioned objectives.

Activities for organizing practical seminars on health and beauty intended for the general public, including how to lose weight, become thinner and healthier, and improve their physical conditions.
Activities for dispatching instructors to health seminars sponsored by culture schools, nursing care facilities, related nonprofit organizations, and municipalities throughout Japan.
Activities for academic research and international exchange, and cooperation on health and beauty.
Activities for training personnel by organizing academic congresses.
Other activities required to fulfill the objectives of the ISCOHB.

Directors and Secretaries

President Shizue Murayama
Visiting Professor at JaiNeung College
Extraordinary Professor at Bunri University of Hospitality
Vice President Jeong Hwa Moon
Professor at JaiNeung College
Ki Kap Kim
Professor at JaiNeung College
Managing Director Mai Murayama
CIBTAC (English Esthetic Certificate)
CIDESCO (International Esthetic Certificate)
Research Student at the Department of First Pharmacology,
Medical School, Showa University
Director Kazuhiko Umemoto
President of Team Iryo Inc.
Jong Hoon Park
Secretary Yoshihisa Yamazaki
Hiromitsu Mishima
Certified tax accountant


Accreditation Committee
Training Committee
Editing Committee
Ethics Committee
External Relations and Public Relations Committee
International Exchange Committee
Secretary General
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