Accreditation Program for Society Licenses

International Health and Beauty Coordinator
The ISCOHB is an organization established in July 2004 in order to help overcome obesity, promote slimming, and improve the overall physical condition of all people concerned about obesity or bad shape, and to enhance the status and quality of those including estheticians who are engaged in activities related to the human body, mainly beauty and health.

The title of "International Health and Beauty Coordinator" is a qualification that is accredited by the ISCOHB.

International Health and Beauty Coordinators are specialists in esthetics who have acquired sufficient knowledge and techniques to meet the international standards. Their mission is to disseminate and enhance the comprehensive study of health and beauty, as well as to contribute to society as practitioners who provide information relating to health and beauty, guidance for the prevention of lifestyle-related illnesses, and specialist skills for maintaining healthy beauty, for the purpose of supporting all people who wish to overcome obesity, become slim and stylish, and/or improve their physical condition.

Supervisors for International Health and Beauty Coordinators
Supervisors for International Health and Beauty Coordinators shall be personnel possessing knowledge and technical instruction ability suited for training and instructing practitioners having a wide range of knowledge and mature skills concerning comprehensive health esthetics.
Depending on the domain, four kinds of licenses will be granted: "the theory of kinetics and practical instruction," "the theory of nutrition and practical instruction," "the theory of basic counseling and practical instruction," and "the theory of operation and practical instruction."

Accreditation Training

Accreditation training and accreditation examinations for International Health and Beauty Coordinators provide training for acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills according to a 120-hour curriculum sponsored by the International Society of Coordination for Health and Beauty.
These programs accredit the abilities of esthetic specialists who realize a safe "healthy beauty."

Duration of training 120 hours (80 hours of schooling, 40 hours of homework)
Subjects Basic medical course, kinetic stretching,
the world's esthetic status,
healthy slimming and oriental medicine,
route slimming, beautiful makeup, nutrition guidance,
stress care, management,
the basics of services to customers, etc.
Capacity Up to 30 trainees
Training fee 315,000 yen (including tax)

Accreditation examination

Written, oral, and physical skill examinations.

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