Invitation to the ISCOHB

People wishing to become members must apply by submitting an application for membership and paying the specified fee.

Regular members Individuals and organizations who agree to the objectives
of the ISCOHB and have joined it.
Supporting members Individuals and organizations who agree to the objectives
of the ISCOHB and have joined it to actively support it.

The fees charged by the ISCOHB shall be as follows:

Regular members 8,000 yen annually
Supporting members 10,000 yen per share annually (at least one share)

Application for Membership

Download the following application form, fill it out, and send it to the Secretariat of the ISCOHB by post or fax.
To download an application form, click here.

The application for membership is in the form of a PDF file.
To view the PDF file, use Adobe’s Adobe Reader (formerly Acrobat Reader).
Adobe Reader can be downloaded free of charge from the following link: Adobe Reader

FAQs about becoming an ISCOHB member

Are there any criteria for becoming an ISCOHB member ?
Do I need certain qualifications ?
Anyone supporting the objectives of the ISCOHB can become a member.
Can I apply for membership online ?
We do not accept online applications.
Please download and print the specified application form for membership, fill it out, and return it to us by fax or post.
If you are unable to download the application for membership or have no means of printing it out, please ask the ISCOHB Secretariat for an application form.

FAQs about the ISCOHB’s activities

Do members have an obligation to attend seminars and academic congresses ?
No, they do not.
Do members enjoy any privileges at seminars and congresses ?
They are entitled to member discounts in admission fees.
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