Now, the living environment surrounding us is undergoing major changes. The advances made in cultural and living standards during the past half century has brought about reforms far exceeding those realized during the history of humankind that goes back hundreds of thousands of years.

The effects of those advances have contributed greatly not only to improved eating habits, production engineering, and other aspects, but also to the organic development of the social structure and human relationships. On the other hand, the social structure and human relationships are rapidly becoming increasingly diverse and complicated, thus bringing about considerable social anxieties and various forms of stress.

These facts correspond remarkably to the upward trends in lifestyle-related illnesses that seriously and considerably affect our lives.
Lifestyle-related illnesses have always been a leading cause of death. In the narrow gaps in society and culture, these factors continue to inhibit our authentic healthy beauty.

Based on its "comprehensive theory of healthy esthetics," the ISCOHB calls the authentic beauty of a living thing based on its health as "the homeostasis of beauty."
The ISCOHB has therefore been learning the basics of Oriental and Occidental medical and esthetical knowledge in an attempt to contribute to the study and acquisition of expertise.

Advances in medical technology and eating habits have made Japan one of the world’s leading nations in terms of longevity. In the future, however, Japan will witness even further aging with fewer children and become a society where people must take care of their health themselves and try to lead healthy, cheerful, and energetic lives. We believe that our mission is to help develop and spread comprehensive assistance technologies for that purpose.

We will strive to build a society where all people can live in a healthy and beautiful manner with peace of mind.
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